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Formed out of the 2020 Green/Socialist Presidential Campaign of Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker, the Green Socailist Organizing Project is an organization committed to continuing the fight for the real solutions to the life-and-death crises that we face. To advance this program, we need more than single-issue organizations and campaigns that compete with each other for attention, time, and money. We need to build a political party that brings issues and constituencies around a common program and mutual support. To that end, the Green Socialist Organizing Project works to build the Green Party, its members, and the broader green socialist movement.

Following the old leftist mantra of Agitate, Educate, Organize, we seek to provide programming, content, and materials that advocate for ecosocialist solutions to the critical issues we face, educate current and potential supporters on both issues, and procide the training and support for Greens and independent socialist organizers acorss the country to organize in their communities. The path forward to becoming a major party in US politics is from the bottom up. We must build a mass-membership party rooted in strong local chapters that can elect thousands to local office and, on that foundation, to state legislatures and the House as we go into the 2020s. 


Green Socialist Notes is a multi-platform outlet for independent, Green Socialist thought and perspectives.


Green Socialist Notes is a multi-platform outlet for independent, Green Socialist thought and perspectives.

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What We Believe

1. Ecological Socialism: We support social ownership and democratic administration of the major means of production and distribution in order to meet everyone’s basic needs within ecological limits.

2. Anti-Capitalism: We oppose capitalism because it is a system that is structurally driven to ecologically destructive endless growth, increasing inequality based on exploitation, wars bred by international competition, and oligarchic rule based on concentrated private wealth.

3. Anti-Oppression: We oppose discrimination and oppression based on race, color, nationality, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability.

4. Internationalism: We oppose imperialist domination and wars by the US and any nation and act in solidarity with people fighting for their democratic rights and socialism across the world.

5. Independent Politics: We support building a dues-paying mass-membership party for green socialism based on oppressed and exploited working people that is independent of and in opposition to the two-corporate-party system of capitalist rule in the US.

What We Do

1. Party Building: We help build independent, well-organized local and state green socialist parties.

2. Election Campaigns: We help green socialist candidates run credible and, where possible, winning electoral campaigns.

3. Issue Campaigns: We participate in campaigns to advance green socialist policies.

4. Political Education: We produce materials and hold forums for popular political education on ecosocialism, independent politics, policy issues, and organizing skills and strategies.

5. Mass-Membership Green Party: We support transforming the Green Party of the United States from a federation of state parties with indirect representation of individual supporters in the national party into a dues-paying, mass-membership party where individual members have democratic membership rights in the national party and have the responsibility to support the party with dues scaled to their ability to pay.




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