The Case for an Independent Left Party

At a time when a newly emerged socialist movement has entered the capitalist Democratic Party, Howie Hawkins, a longtime socialist and Green Party cofounder, makes the case for an independent left party.

THROWBACK: 2019 Winter Reading List

This reading list was put out in late 2019 as a winter campaign reading list.

What are Howie and Angela Reading?

Howie and Angela are often asked what books they are reading or for their recommendations. See what they have to say!

Reading lists have long been a central part of education programs on the left, helping to build a common political foundation for members of a movement or organzation. 

These initial reading lists are broad in nature, but in the future we hope to develop issue specific reading lists as well.  We also hope to develop a communication space for readers to discuss each of the pieces for these readings.  The format of such a space is still being worked out. 

Ecosocialism 101 Workshop Reading List

Based off of our Ecosocialism 101 workshop, this reading list is compiled from our Ecosocialism 101 workshops. The authors and works below were covered at varying levels in our Ecosocialism 101 workshops, with some being mentioned in passing and others being addressed...

Howie and Angela’s Reading Lists

May 2021 (Howie)The Global Police State William I Robinson As the world becomes ever more unequal, people become ever more 'disposable'. Today, governments systematically exclude sections of their populations from society though heavy-handed policing. But it doesn't...

Young Ecosocialists Reading List

This introductory list was curated by members of the Young Ecosocialists, the Youth Caucus of the Green Party US, in 2018. Eco-Socialism Wiki Paulo Freire - Pedagogy of the Oppressed...

Mimi Soltysik Reading List

Emido "Mimi" Soltysik was a revolutionary organizer and activist who believed in that a revolution starts from below. Soltysik was involved in local organizations in Los Angeles, California, such as Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, Coalition for Peace, Revolution, and...

Green Party of Colorado Reading List

An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States - Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz A People’s History of the United States - Howard Zinn Harvest of Empire : A History of Latinos in America - Juan Gonzales Subterranean Fire : A History of Working Class Radicalism in the United...

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