As we work towards our goal of building the Green Socialist movement into a force that can elect thousands to local office into the 2020s, we understand that means welcoming new supporters and developing new organizers who can build power in their communities.  For those new to our movement, that means we want to find ways to help you understand our party, how it operates, what it believes in, and most importantly how to get involved.  Whether navigating your way to fellow Greens, understanding what Greens mean when they advocate for Ecosocialism, or coming together to understand the basics of community organizing, we hope that we can help Green Socialists around the country, old and new to the party, develop the skills that we need to become a truly alternative political power, capable of implementing people-first solutions to the many life-and-death crises we face.  

Our 101 Series is intended to provide a common foundation of understanding the party, socialism, and our organizing philosophies.  We hope that the series will make it easier for people to get involved, not only with our work, but with their local and state Green Party.  As the series matures, it will undoubtedly evolve and expand, but our present goal is to have these three sessions repeat quarterly through 2022, with different cycles using different mediums, livestream vs ZOOM for example. 

Next Session TBA


Next Session:

What is the Green Party? How is structured? How did it comes to be? What does it stand for? How can I get involved?

This workshop is designed to cover the basics of the Green Party and independent politics.

Next Session November 22

Socialism 101

Next Session:
Tuesday, November 22
at 8 PM ET

What is socialism? What is Ecosocialism? How does it differ from Bernie’s Democratic Socialism?

This workshop is designed to give a both a historic and contemporary understanding of socialism.

Next Session December 27

Organizing 101

Next Session:
Tuesday, December 27
at 8 PM ET

Democratic, bottom-up organizing, is a key feature of growing a mass, grassroots party that can elect thousands in the 2020s.

This workshop will discuss organizing strategies and methods to help you organize in your community.