Green Party 101 Workshop-in-a-Box

Informing the public and onboarding new members regarding the basics of the Green Party is an essential aspect of grassroots organizing. This workshop can serve as an introduction to Green history, policies, and strategy for members, potential supporters, and the general public. As such, this workshop can serve multiple purposes simultaneously. It can develop a common understanding and perspective of current members, make a case for the Green Party to potential supporters, and provide the general public who may not be ready to join a general overview of the party, increasing visibility and knowledge of the party. 

This workshop-in-a-box provides you with everything you need to present this workshop in your community. One of the great things about this ready made resource is that it is not something that should be a one and done workshop. We would recommend presenting this workshop at least once a year, as new people cycle through active and potential engagement with the party over time. Every year you will hopefully have new members who could benefit from a basic workshop on the party and a new crop of potential members who have come into contact with the party. The goal of this workshop-in-a-box is to offer an easy, low stress, low resource tool that you can reuse over and over. As we develop more of these workshops-in-a-box, we hope that they can serve as the foundation of a Green education program that can be picked up and implemented by organizers around the country.

What’s Included:


–     Green Party 101 Slideshow     –     Slideshow Notes and Resources     –

–     Workshop-in-a-Box Guide     –     Template Graphics and Customization Guide     –

What’s Included:

  • Green Party 101 Slideshow
  • Slideshow Notes and Resources
  • Workshop-in-a-Box Guide
  • Template Graphics and Customization Guide

Green Party 101 Workshop Slideshow

Fine tuned over 2 years of workshops, this workshop is ready-made for you to present in your community.

Workshop-in-a-Box Guide

Background and overview for the workshop and organizing tips on having a successful event.

Slideshow Notes and Resources

Notes and further readings and resources to help you prepare to present the workshops in your community.

Template Graphics

We’ve provided template graphics (and a customization guide)so that you can promote your workshops!

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Note from the Authors: This workshop-in-a-box was created after having presented over half a dozen versions of this workshop over 2 years, as part of the Green Socialist Organizing Project’s 101 Series. Those iterations started with intentionally long, multi-hour presentations to allow us to fine tune and cut the “final version” of this workshop into its present hour(ish) long format. It is our hope that this workshop can help local/state organizers, campaigns, and chapters with a turn-key information, education, and onboarding event.