Following the 2020 campaign, Chris Blankenhorn, the Hawkins/Walker Social Media and Tech Coordinator, did a number of workshops on systems and tech that can help Greens and independent socialists be more effective and efficient organizers.  Each workshop focuses on a different area where systems and tech come into play (Party Organizing, Campaigns, and Social Media).

If you would like to schedule a systems, tech, or social media workshop for your state or local party, contact

What is a Resource: Digital Organizing Tools for Parties

Hawkins/Walker 2020 Tech Director Chris Blankenhorn presents a workshop designed to discuss what a resource is to a grassroots party or organization and will then lay out various systems, apps, and tools that can be used build up organizational resources that can help our Green Chapters become more effective and efficient in our work.

Digital Organizing Tools for Campaigns

Hawkins/Walker Tech and Social Media Director Chris Blankenhorn will present a workshop on systems and digital tools for grassroots campaigns. Learn how to make your Green campaign more effective and efficient!

Social Media for Grassroots Organizations

Whether you are in a local party, campaign, or social movement, social media strategy can be different for grassroots campaigns/parties. While the corporate parties spend millions on ads and bots, grassroots social media platforms have to do the work of building organically.

Click here for more systems and tech workshops and resources that Chris has done in the past.