One of our goals at the Green Socialist Organizing Project is to help Greens improve their campaigns, from internal operations to knowledge on key issues. To that end, the Green Socialist Organizing Project’s Education Working Group is developing a series of workshops to develop Green candidates and their teams. These trainings will be divided into two types, the more traditional nuts and bolts of running a successful campaign and policy trainings on key issues.  The hope for the issue trainings is that they will provide Green candidates and their teams with an understanding of Green positions on key issues and how our position is differentiated from those of other parties and to begin to develop a common language in how our candidates across the country talk about Green policies. 

Campaign Organizing/Functions Trainings

Systems and Tech for Campaigns

Systems and technology are key to a modern campaign, especially grassroots campaigns where we have to work smarter, not harder, with fewer resources. This workshop will provide an overview of key tools that can help your Green campaign be more efficient and effective.

Presented by Hawkins/Walker 2020 Tech Director Chris Blankenhorn

Presented on April 10, 2022

Part of the 2022 GSOP Campaign Training Series

Ballot Access Petitioning

The first barrier most Greens face when running for office in repressive ballot access requirements.  This workshop will provide tips on how to effectively petition, from targeting events and areas to petition to effective talking points and tactics.

Presented by GPUS Co-Chair Garret Wasserman

Presented on May 8, 2022

Part of the 2022 GSOP Campaign Training Series

Campaign Communications

Whether traditional media, alternative media, or social media, campaign communications are key to reaching voters. This workshop will cover best practices across the spectrum of campaign communications.

Presented by Chris Blankenhorn and AJ Reed

Presented on June 5, 2022

Part of the 2022 GSOP Campaign Training Series

Issues Trainings

Green New Deal

The Democrats coopted it and then abandoned it, but Greens are still all in for a Green New Deal! Who better to learn about this keystone policy than from the ‘Original Green New Dealer!’

Presented by Howie Hawkins

Presented on April 17, 2022

Part of the 2022 GSOP Campaign Training Series

Medicare for All

Another key policy with majoritarian support among voters that has been abandoned by the Democrats is Medicare for All. But how does Green policy differ from that of progressive Democrats? Learn from the author of the Hawkins/Walker health plan where Greens should be on this key issue in 2022.

Presented by Dr. Margaret Flowers

Presented on May 22, 2022

Part of the 2022 GSOP Campaign Training Series