Our first episode as a podcast!

Green Socialist Notes is a weekly livestream/podcast hosted by 2020 Green Party/Socialist Party presidential and vice presidential nominees, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Started as a weekly campaign livestream in the spring of 2020, the streams have continued post elections and are now under the umbrella of the Green Socialist Organizing Project, which grew out of the 2020 presidential campaign. Green Socialist Notes seeks to provide both an independent Green Socialist perspective, as well as link listeners up with opportunities to get involved in building a real people-powered movement in their communities.

This week Howie and Angela talk about some current events, reflect on our 2021 Black History Month livestream series, and Howie reflects on “What I learned about liberation from Black revolutionaries,” before taking supporter questions.

00:00 – HR1
08:00 – Amazon Unionization
09:30 – Haymarket Pole Collective/Portland Strippers Strike
12:10 – Black History Month Streams
14:00 – Howie on “What I learned about liberation from Black revolutionaries.”
32:30 – Neera Tandon Nomination Withdrawal
34:30 – Humanitarian Migration
38:25 – Texas lifting COVID restrictions
44:05 – Myanmar
46:00 – Iranian Militia Attacks
51:20 – Public Housing
57:20 – Space Travel
59:00 – Closing Thoughts

Streamed on 3/2/2021

Watch the video at: https://youtu.be/Q0y_akO8Vsw

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Music by Gumbo le Funque
Intro: She Taught Us
Outro: #PowerLoveFreedom