This week Howie will be joined by Svitlana Romanko, a Ukrainian climate activist who was the leader in Ukraine pre-war and now runs Razom We Stand, which is focused on promoting fossil fuel sanctions against Russia and a green transition in Ukraine in post-war reconstruction.

Razom We Stand,

Stand with Ukraine,

Svitlana Romanko, “The War on My Homeland Offers a Real Chance to Save the Planet,” The Nation, May 26, 2022,

Svitlana Romanko, “Ukraine reconstruction must steer clear of energies that allowed Putin to thrive,” Euroactiv, Oct. 24, 2022,

Democracy Now!, “'Fossil Fuels Fund Dictatorships': Ukrainian Climate Activist Suspended at COP27 over Russia Protest,” Nov. 18, 2022,

The Independent (UK), “Ukraine’s leading campaigner against Russian fossil fuels refused entry to top US energy conference,” March 10, 2024,

Petition urging the UN General Assembly to vote to authorize UN peacekeepers to demilitarize and secure the Zaporizhzhia nuclear complex:

Streamed on 8/5/23

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