Howie talks about Sha’Carri Richardson, indigenous boarding schools, and voting rights and democracy, before taking questions from viewers.

00:00: Intro – Sha’Carri Richardson

01:45: Intro – Dept of Interior indigenous boarding schools investigation

02:20: Intro – Voting rights and democracy

13:30: Increasing the number of US House seats

16:30: Equal representation of candidates

18:30: HR1

22:55: The NEED Act

25:15: NY elections

30:45:Cathy Rojas for NYC Mayor

31:05: Alaska method of elections (Top 4)

33:50: Vacuum if US ended occupation areas

37:00: Executive war powers

38:10: Whistleblowers

40:00: Growing third parties

42:30: Bill Cosby

43:18: Taxing churches

44:15: How Howie has kept up the fight for so long

49:20: Grassroots organizing and fundraising

51:10: MMT

53:25: Greens and DSA

55:10: Critical Race Theory

56:50: Thorium nuclear power

1:00:30: Closing Thoughts

Streamed on 7/3/2021

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Green Socialist Notes is a weekly livestream/podcast hosted by 2020 Green Party/Socialist Party presidential and vice presidential nominees, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Started as a weekly campaign livestream in the spring of 2020, the streams have continued post elections and are now under the umbrella of the Green Socialist Organizing Project, which grew out of the 2020 presidential campaign. Green Socialist Notes seeks to provide both an independent Green Socialist perspective, as well as link listeners up with opportunities to get involved in building a real people-powered movement in their communities.

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