Howie and Angela are back (along with Angela’s dogs) for another episode of Green Socialist Notes. They talk about topics from the filibuster to bodily autonomy to organizing and more!

00:00: Intro (Howie): Filibuster and RCV

10:12: Intro (Angela): Reproductive Freedom Bills and Pride Month

11:45: Dems scapegoating the GOP

13:25: Conservatives and the PRO Act

16:25: Dems waiting to 2022 to move on filibuster?

18:05: Pride Month Streams

18:35: Speaking to rural white folks

22:45: Discussing Ecosocialism in the Hispanic community

25:20: Attacks on bodily autonomy

33:40: Public banking

35:25: Ending wars

40:30: Could Biden abolish the filibuster?

43:10: Fiat currency crashing?

46:10: Explaining the political spectrum

47:30: Liquid democracy

48:15: Single issue voters

49:20: Citizen voting input on bills

53:45: Most progressive state party

47:10 Final Thoughts

Streamed on 5/29/2021

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Green Socialist Notes is a weekly livestream/podcast hosted by 2020 Green Party/Socialist Party presidential and vice presidential nominees, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Started as a weekly campaign livestream in the spring of 2020, the streams have continued post elections and are now under the umbrella of the Green Socialist Organizing Project, which grew out of the 2020 presidential campaign. Green Socialist Notes seeks to provide both an independent Green Socialist perspective, as well as link listeners up with opportunities to get involved in building a real people-powered movement in their communities.

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Intro: She Taught Us

Outro: #PowerLoveFreedom