As part of our continuing #WomensHistoryMonth streams, Howie and Angela are joined by fellow Greens Margaret Elisabeth (national co-chair, Green Party of the United States, based in Seattle) and Emma Lugo (Secretary, Pacific Green Party and community radio board member based in Portland, OR) for a conversation about how Patriarchy impacts trans women and non-binary/gender non-conforming people.

Streamed on 3/23/2021

Watch the video at:

Green Socialist Notes is a weekly livestream/podcast hosted by 2020 Green Party/Socialist Party presidential and vice presidential nominees, Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker. Started as a weekly campaign livestream in the spring of 2020, the streams have continued post elections and are now under the umbrella of the Green Socialist Organizing Project, which grew out of the 2020 presidential campaign. Green Socialist Notes seeks to provide both an independent Green Socialist perspective, as well as link listeners up with opportunities to get involved in building a real people-powered movement in their communities.

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