What is socialism? What is Ecosocialism? How do these questions relate to the Green Party?

This workshop covers:

  • What is Socialism?

  • Marxism and Other Socialist Views on Capitalism

  • Outline of Historical Socialist Thought and Debate

  • Socialist Movements in US History

  • Formation of Modern Eco-Socialism

  • Where Does Eco-Socialism Go Next?

Watch the video: https://youtube.com/live/A8oA1Gj9aFc

Slideshow: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1mWTVJSNimhVFEZQzESNvAyCNyPpwJPxLPROZU7LAq30/edit?usp=drive_link

This workshop was presented on November 28, 2023

This workshop was presented by Chris Blankenhorn and Garret Wassermann

This workshop is part of the Green Socialist Organizing Project's 101 Series of workshops. To learn more about the series visit ⁠⁠https://greensocialist.net/101s/⁠⁠.