Organize for Ballot Access

Ballot access is not just important for getting our presidential candidate on the ballot, but for getting Green candidates on the ballot up and down the ticket.  In many states, without state recognition or ballot status, running for local office as a Green can be very difficult, due to repressive ballot access laws.  

But when it comes to the next presidential cycle, ballot access is not something that we should be waiting around on. In many states, we will have opportunity to achieve ballot access for the Green Party’s 2024 candidate. We should be putting efforts in now to start picking up ballot lines, so that the 2024 candidate and party can focus on running, rather than ballot access. 

While there are a number of states who are able to start petitioning now, there are only a few that have actually started a drive.


California presently has ballot status, but maintaining it requires party registration numbers to stay above a minimum threshold.

Click here to register Green in California


The North Carolina Green Party is currently petitioning for ballot access and has to collect over 15,000 signatures! 

Click here to learn more and sign the petition.