GSOP at the 2021 Green Party Annual National Meeting

Every year the Green Party of the United States holds an Annual National Meeting, open party members and the general public. This event includes workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers and more. The 2021 Green Party US Annual National Meeting was held from July 15 through July 18 on ZOOM due to the COVID pandemic.

Members of the Green Socialist Organizing Project presented a number of workshops over the nearly week-long meeting on a variety of topics.  Check out the videos of our teams workshops below. (There is still one workshop by a GSOP member that we do not have a recording for yet and one workshop that is only half uploaded, Local Party Building.)


Introducing the Green Socialist Organizing Project

There is a growing number of eco-socialists in our Party. Many of us believe that the next step in the evolution of our Party is a move towards becoming an eco-socialist Party. Many eco-socialists remain outside of our Party. We believe that moving towards an eco-socialist definition can bring many new people at a time our Party is under attack.

Presenters Howie Hawkins and Michael Rubin
Presented on Thursday, July 15, 2020

How to Build a Local

Building the Green Party from the bottom up is the personal responsibility of every Green, but often we find ourselves stuck on how to get started. Members of the Green Socialist Organizing Project will discuss how to outreach in your local community, what tech and system tools are useful for that outreach, how to ensure your local is practicing democracy with fidelity, and probably the most important, how to push through the social anxiety we all feel when trying to recruit new members.

Presented by Andrea Mérida Cuéllar, Howie Hawkins, Virginia Rodino, and Chris Blankenhorn
Presented on Thursday, July 15, 2020

Understanding Queer Geographies

This workshop encourages organizers, activists, and campaigners to attain foundational knowledge of the queer community and intersecting issues within their space. Participants will learn about, but not limited to: basic terminology, identities, myths and misconceptions, best practices to be affirming, and available resources. Part of the presenter’s pedagogy will incorporate a blend of lecture and discussion as part of the workshop format.

Presented by AJ Reed
Presented on Friday, July 16, 2020

Ranked Choice Voting and Proportional Representation

Plurality voting in single-member-districts has always prevented the Green Party as well as women and people of color from getting their fair and proportional share of representation. This problem has become worse in recent years because the Republicans have become not merely a conservative party but an extremist racist far-right party. Progressive voters feel compelled more than ever to vote for centrist Democrats instead of progressive Greens in order to stop reactionary Republicans. In addition, states have been increasing ballot access requirements and suppressing voting rights. At the federal level, the proposed For the People Act (HR1/S1) proposed to increase by five times the fundraising threshold to quality for public matching funds. This workshop will discuss remedies to these problems, including proportional representation through ranked-choice voting in multi-member districts, voting rights, fair ballot access, and public campaign funding.

Presented by Howie Hawkins, Linda Templin, and LeBeau Kpadenou
Presented on Friday, July 16, 2020

Radical Pedagogy as Praxis

In this workshop, AJ Reed (ILGP Co-Chair, Former GPUS Co-Chair) introduces various teaching approaches when conducting political education programs.

Presented by AJ Reed
Presented on Friday, July 16, 2020

Click here to watch all the the workshops presented at the 2021 Green Party US Annual National Meeting.