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Independent Politics 101 Clips

Clips of our Ecosocialism 101 Session 2 workshop.

Presented on May 24, 2022

Full Video

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue: Before the Slides
  2. Introduction
  3. Eugene V. Debs Quote
  4. Karl Marx Quote
  5. Vladimir Lenin Quote
  6. Emma Goldman Quote
  7. Capitalism’s Memberless Parties
  8. Progressive-Era Reforms: Did They Work?
  9. The Record of the “Inside Strategy”
  10. What Would a Socialist Alternative to the Democrats Look Like?
  11. A Brief History of the Independent Left Strategy
  12. Case Study: Socialist Party of America
  13. Bottom-Up Organizing, Not Top Down Organizing
  14. Democratic Party Front Groups
  15. The Green Socialist Organizing Project
  16. Conclusion

Workshop Presented on 2/28/23
Presented by Chris Blankenhorn and Garret Wassermann
Full Video at