Ecosocialism 101 Session 3 Clips

Presented on August 23, 2022

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Table of Contents

  1. Prologue: Before the Slides
  2. Ecosocialism 101
  3. Where Does Capitalism Come From?
  4. Characteristics of Capitalism
  5. Myths About Capitalism
  6. What Happens When Capitalism Fails?
  7. We Need a Leftist Analysis of Capitalism
  8. What is Socialism?
  9. Socialism and Abolishing Poverty
  10. Socialism and Class Struggle
  11. Roots of Modern Socialist Thought
  12. Karl Marx and Marxism
  13. Marxist Analysis of Capitalism
  14. Socialism from Above of Below?
  15. What Form Does Socialist Struggle Take?
  16. Is Socialist Society Even Possible?
  17. Ealy US Socialist History
  18. Social Ecology
  19. Key Elements of Social Ecology
  20. Green Socialism in Practice
  21. Conclusion

Workshop Presented on 8/23/22
Presented by Chris Blankenhorn and Garret Wassermann